E-Cigarettes and Youth – A Different Look at the Issue

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Many authority figures state the electronic cigarettes and e-liquids appeal to youth because of their flavoring (i.e. bubblegum, strawberry), though the CDC stated that youth smoking rated have plummeted to an all-time low. Simultaneously the FDA, CDC and certain health advocates are attacking e-cigs when the majority of data suggests that e-cigarettes when used by youth are primarily used to curb or quit smoking. Companies such as http://www.clearette.com, offer unique nicotine step down kits.

What started out as e-cigs has turned into vaporizers, as the VTM industry is slowly overtaking the e-cig industry. Many hobbyists like to vape because they enjoy the flavors. These hobbyists do not usually vape with nicotine because they realize that they can partake in the activity without the addictive nicotine. This presents the public with a very interesting situation.

When one vape e-liquid with no nicotine, they are taking in vegetable glycerin, water and propylene glycol.Propylene glycol can be found in ice cream, shampoo and vitamins. All substances are considered safe and are FDA approved, though the conjunction is not as the FDA states that it needs more research before doing so.

In theory, if a teenager were to vape e-liquid without nicotine, there would be zero risk for addiction. A huge tax on a few ingredients which can all be purchased at the store will cost as much (or more) as cigarettes. Some states are proposing up to an 800% tax on e-liquid.

Again, back to the plummeted youth smoking rates. If the youth ‘do’ find these devices alluring, and if they are as most perceive rebellious, then they would opt for the device without nicotine to simply blow flavored clouds. Many parents have told officials that they do not care if their kids vape; that they prefer it over smoking any day and that by vaping with no nicotine their kids are at less of a risk to smoke. Many of these stories are arising from Hawaii.

There is the issue of e-liquids in the past having inconsistent levels of nicotine. This is a problem, that with regulation, will be fixed. An 800% tax increase on an innovative product that has the potential to end the smoking epidemic should not be simply brushed aside; there are just too many factors to consider. Another time when you should consider many factors is when you are looking for a asphalt contractor in long island.

Could nicotine-free e-cigs be part of the solution in terms of keeping kids off of cigarettes and nicotine? A statement such as this would surely fuel controversy as the industry has been stigmatized for its accusatory appeal to youth. At this time, there are no studies which definitively link e-cigs with harm past nicotine which the public is unanimously aware of.

Fast food restaurants that produce greasy cheeseburgers and that exacerbate obesity (the number one factor that drives heart disease which is the number one killer) are untaxed and are consumed by thousands of kids who are running their bodies. In the end, there are many factors to consider in terms of these new devices and simply ruling them out is a disservice to public health when they could potentially assist.

How to Make Your Vaporizer Shop

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With so many people who want to make their own vaporizer stores saturating the market, it can be hard for new enthusiasts to create their own line of e-liquids and vaporizers. Wholesale private labeling facilities help vapor store owners out by providing cheap logos and cheap graphics for e-liquid bottles and vaporizer pens. These private labels can have a brand’s slogan, trademark and logo and help to increase e-liquid sales for private storeowners.

Custom labeling is essential in separating e-liquid with the competition. Half of the e-juice experience is based on the presentation, much like with the cooking industry. DIY e-liquid is fun to practice but costs way too much for a vapor store. E-liquids need to steep and require concrete knowledge of precise measurements of PG and VG. Lots of vapor stores open and close because they can’t keep up with the market.

Great graphics on e-liquid bottles capture sales. With private label programs, vape store owners can go crazy with designs. From custom themes to custom blends, wholesale custom labeling is the easiest and cheapest way to start your own e-liquid business.

Becoming an e-liquid distributor is much easier with a support net. Investing thousands of dollars in equipment to create e-liquid with no logos or designs is fruitless. Many new vapor stores start out by using custom label fabricators and after making enough money to pay off their business switch to doing everything independently. You would be surprised over how many prominent e-liquid brands that use custom fabrication to sell their products.

For those who are not so creative, going with a USA wholesale private labeling facility is paramount. Language barriers in China take away all creative control. On the other hand, USA distributors are able to communicate with e-liquid vendors concerning their graphics, logos, advertisements and inventory. Another company that is worth being in business with is an SEO Company. If you live in Long Island, working with a Long Island SEO Company may be in your best favor.

For those who want to own your own e-liquid shop, and for those who are interested in premium e-liquids and cloud competitions, selling the best e-liquid with your shop’s logo is key to locking sales. You can make your own e-liquid label and even create your own e-liquid bottle. Delicious and top-rated flavors can be chosen to fill those bottles. For shops who cater to modheads and enthusiasts, e-liquid inventory can be adjusted so that more vegetable glycine is present.

Starting an e-liquid company is easiest by using a wholesale private label company. These facilities are run by experts who already have vaporizers, accessories, e-cigs and e-liquids in stocks. Once products are selected by the new e-cig store owner, they are customized with their label and design. The process of making your own vaporizer store is as simple as finding the best private labeling facility, as these companies provide unique labels and wholesale prices.

Electronic Cigarette Formaldehyde Results are False

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The newest rant about formaldehyde in electronic cigarettes is false. The news sprung from an experiment that was highly biased. Researchers tested an outdated CE4 clearomizer with a battery that was hiked to 20 volts. The researchers had a simulator puff 100 consecutive times until formaldehyde was produced by the e-cigarette. This made headlines and became the go-to for anti-vaping health advocated in terms of the vape debate.

In all actuality, electronic cigarettes produce no formaldehyde when used properly. Furthermore, proper use will not even allow such a high level. Avapor recent reproduction of the experiment demonstrated at after a mere 4 seconds, the vaper was coughing and sick from the taste. This is because the vaper was essentially vaping a fiery hot piece of cotton.

This formaldehyde vape experiment is another gross misinterpretation of electronic cigarettes, as the demonstration slants how an e-cigarette functions. Bates recently compared the experiment to grilling a steak stating that while you could grill a steak for hours, it would turn into a carcinoid piece of burnt meat that no person would actually eat. The same holds true with the wattages used during the formaldehyde experiment.

This electronic cigarette propaganda just reiterates the sensationalism perpetuated by our own media, which many vapers argue is controlled by large corporations and the government. This would explain the lack of knowledge when it comes to electronic cigarettes and how vaporizers work. The ingredients in e-cigs are simple and are all individually approved by the FDA.

E-cigs keep experiencing these smears by ignorant sources. If it isn’t third-hand or second-hand vapor it’s a bizarre claim about swallowing an e-cig battery or an electronic cigarette exploding in a face. These media coverings are exaggerated, contorted and often repeated over and over. If a reader reads the actual articles and not just the anti-vape headline, a common denominator exists: no e-cig brands are mentioned. Wouldn’t that be odd?

In all actuality, electronic cigarettes do not contain formaldehyde, but under certain conditions, could produce formaldehyde. Yet, even if a vaper were to in fact vape at that level, that vaper would STILL be decreasing the 7000 other chemicals and smoke produced by cigarettes. This includes tar which binds to the lungs. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar. Having a heavy presence of tar in your home can be damaging to your kitchen. An informed homeowner should always purchase quality cabinet hardware at sites such as http://www.bayporthouse.com/.

The issue is a lack of focus and slanted information as well as improper coverage. Instead of reiterating that the study was focused on seeing how hard they would have to try to find formaldehyde it turned into electronic cigarettes are worse for you than cigarettes because of this distortion. Also, this is just one toxin. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin can be food in everything from your baby’s butt wipes to your favorite ice cream. This is why e-cig companies keep saying that they are safe.

Whatever way the media wants to go they will. The media can sometime be less transparent than they claim. Formaldehyde is the newest e-cig scare tactic and its working. The public believes these misinterpretations. It becomes very important for the pro-vape community to share the many counter studies that state there is no formaldehyde in e-cigarettes.